Travel Guide To Hawaii To Make Your Trip Better

Travel guide to Hawaii.

Holidays are the most relaxing time of the year which you long to spend with your dear ones. You can do whatever pleases you. By either spending them at home or traveling to some exciting and happening destination to make it memorable. In case you wish to travel, Hawaii is one of the best options. It is composed of islands only, being Honolulu its capital. This ultimate travel guide to Hawaii will help you to know more about this fantastic place.

Formerly, these Islands were known as the Sandwich Islands named by Captain James Cook. These islands are a result of volcanic eruptions and hot spots over millions of years. Hawaii comprises of about 130 islands. There are eight significant islands full of distinct features, adventures, and tourist attractions. Honolulu, the capital and the biggest city of Hawaii, is located on Oahu Island. The most renowned things in Hawaii are its beaches with red, green, gold and black sand, and its volcanoes. One of its volcanoes started eruption in 1983 and is still going on. These draw a lot of tourist attractions. The Hawaiian Islands are famous for hiking, spectacular beaches, fishing, surfing, golfing, happening nightlife, shopping and a lot more adventure.

Hawaii (The Big Island): Travel Guide To Hawaii

Travel Guide To Hawaii To Make Your Trip Better
Travel Guide To Hawaii To Make Your Trip Better

Also known as the Big Island, The Island of Hawaii is the largest in the US. Here you get a chance to visit three active volcanoes. Out of these, the world’s most active volcano named Kilauea is on this island.

Maui (The Valley Isle): Travel Guide To Hawaii

Maui is the second-largest of the islands. There are several mountain ranges and valleys which justify its nickname “the Valley Isle.” It also has many beautiful warm water beaches. The main occupation here is agriculture and tourism. Mainly producing coffee, flowers, sugar, papaya, pineapple, etc.

Oahu (The Gathering Place): Travel Guide To Hawaii

Oahu also called “the Gathering Place” is the third-largest. Its called so as it has the largest population among all the islands. It is the most crucial island as far as the economy and government are concerned. The most loved tourist attraction of this island is Pearl Harbor.

Kauai ( The Garden Isle): Travel Guide To Hawaii

Being the Fourth largest, this island is known for its gardens, parks, and forests. It is the oldest of all the islands. Thus, the coasts are rugged and cliffs steep. Tourism is the primary source of income for people residing here.


It has two extinct volcanic ranges called East Molokai and West Molokai. Besides, it is famous for its coral reefs.

Lanai (The Pineapple Island)

Travel Guide To Hawaii To Make Your Trip Better
Travel Guide To Hawaii To Make Your Trip Better

Lanai, the sixth-largest, is also known as the Pineapple Island because of the pineapple plantation carried out in olden times. Two hotels and two of its golf courses are the main tourist attractions. It is a sparsely populated island too.


Niihau, the least known, is the smallest of all the other inhabited islands. There are several patchy lakes on the island which are home to many endangered animals and plants. It is quite an undeveloped island.


Kahoolawe is the smallest island of all. It is arid and thus has the least population. The U.S. army used this island for its military operations such as training and a bombing range.

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