Top 5 Cheap Hawaii Airfare

Hawaii Cheap Airfare

We know that you’ve waited so long to achieve your vacation grande. And what better way to celebrate your well-deserved trip is to visit the tropical paradise that is Hawaii! Flights to Hawaii are relatively cheaper during January-February and depending on your location. Good thing we’ve listed the top 5 Hawaii cheap airfare choices for you!


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This ultra-friendly budget deal is offered by Alaska airlines. They provide nonstop flights to four Hawaiian islands from 8 cities on the West Coast. Even though they gave a pretty cheap airfare, they still feature some artisanal food sold at budget-friendly prices too!

You can still enjoy a relaxing vacation even with affordable airfare. Just search on the internet about the airline and it will give you so many options. This price range is already a decent one including their food package.


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You’ve read it right; Southwest airlines offered deals like this way back September 2019. The package includes a $99 for a one-way trip and $198+ for a roundtrip. And one way to take advantage of this sale is by booking a flight to Hawaii.

With this, we must say that this airline is to watch out for when it comes to upcoming Hawaii travel deals in the future. They would even provide more routes from Southwest soon, so we have a lot to look forward to in this particular airline.


This one’s offered by American airlines. They serve a vast amount of countries while providing daily flights to five Hawaiian cities. They also teamed up with Hawaiian airlines which is why they are handing out deals and promos using codeshare flights. Get a code and apply it once checkout and you will have a cheaper flight to your dream vacation.


You can get this travel deal package in Hawaiian Airlines. They are one of the best airlines in Hawaii as they also offer the best flights out there! Plus, it’s affordable. They are also the only US airlines to offer meals in coach and won a set of awards. If you want a more high-class and comfortable flight, this option is one for you. It is still cheaper than other high-class airlines.


This travel deal is provided by United Airlines. They are reported to be the airline that brings many more passengers to Hawaii than its other airline counterparts. Still, it is one of the best airlines that will make you comfortable during flight and even serve heart-warming food. Their customer service is also great and the flight attendants really cater your needs.

These Hawaii cheap airfare packages that we’ve listed may be affected by several factors such as the timing of your flight, your location, and the class of travel. Travel experts advised buying your ticket in between 21 and 121 days before your departure. Some even believe that trips to Hawaii are cheaper between January-February.

Do you know any more Hawaii cheap airfare packages? Share them with us!

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