Hawaii Travel Warnings: Check Before You Plan

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Hawaii has always been on the radar for unparalleled beauty. Towering mountains, thundering high waterfalls, pristine beaches, clear waters, colorful coral reefs, and so much more. Lurking around are also dangers that the unwary can trip on. Let’s read on and figure out the Hawaii travel warnings.

Hawaii Travel Warnings: Check Before You Plan
Hawaii Travel Warnings: Check Before You Plan

Hawaii Travel Warnings- If In Doubt, Don’t Get Out

If you didn’t know or forgot, Hawaii is one of the states of America. It is in the USA.

Don’t leave valuables in your rental car. Though the crime rate is negligible, whatever little there is has to do with petty theft mostly.

Don’t swim alone or consequently, you can die swimming alone of two things; drowning or shark attack. Swim only at beaches where a lifeguard is in attendance or with licensed snorkeling companies.

Don’t, don’t be tempted to spend your entire first day in the Sun. The Sun is scorching in Hawaii, and you can get an excruciating sunburn if you are not careful.

Don’t stay cooped up in your resort. The beaches are superb of course but head inland. Each island is different, and there are amazing sights you can see. Waikiki is not Hawaii only. Do explore the island for some out of this world experiences.

Stay off the horn. Honking is seriously frowned upon outside of Honolulu, therefore the reaction from the other side can be nasty.

Tip generously. Hawaii is very expensive, and most locals rely on tips to meet ends.

More Warnings, Read On

Do not take lava rocks home. It would be a pity were everyone to take one. There would be nothing left soon.

Do not approach a Hawaiin Monk turtle or a Hawaiin Green turtle. The former can be very nasty though green turtles are docile. Both are endangered species and protected.

Never enter anybody’s home with your shoes on. Since Hawaiians are of Asian origin, this has made its way into the local culture.

Heed beach warning signs. Surfers are at higher risk. As one seasoned surfer says, don’t turn your back on the waves. If you get stuck in a strong current, stay calm and put. Assistance will arrive. The adage is worth every bit, ‘when in doubt, don’t go out.’

Around 8-12 days after the full moon, the tides bring in box jellyfish into Hawaiin waters. These creatures are fascinating. They also pack a sting that can be fatal to those allergic.

Coral is another spectacular organism. They are fragile and will crush if stepped on. Also, the cuts may get infected.

Find current advisories and warnings at Hawaii.gov

Hawaii Travel Warnings: Check Before You Plan
Hawaii Travel Warnings: Check Before You Plan

Packing It Up

Volcanic and earthquakes are currently happening on Big Island located in Maui. Therefore, the advisory is that it is safe to travel to Big Island but not to the Puna area. Every visitor has a sworn promise to the environment. To keep it safe, clean and uncluttered. Try and add to it; do your bit for it. Keep Hawaii beautiful and clean.

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