Hawaii Travel Packing List: The Essential Things

Hawaii Travel Packing List: The Essential Things

In case you are planning a trip to Hawaii, it is of utmost importance to know what to take along and whatnot. Remember, that this is going to be an adventure trip and thus, you do not need to carry your entire closet with you. You need to pack as light as possible. With all this in mind, let’s start with our Hawaii travel packing list.

Main Things On The Hawaii Travel Packing List:

Hawaii Travel Packing List: The Essential Things
Hawaii Travel Packing List: The Essential Things

Clothes: Hawaii Travel Packing List:

As the climate of Hawaii is tropical type, the clothes you carry should be lightweight, breathable fabric. Some T-shirts, shorts, sundresses, tank tops, skirts, etc. will suffice. Do not forget to bring your swimsuits, sun hat, and sunglasses along. You can also take a couple of dresses for the evenings. Do not forget to carry a lightweight rain jacket also. Another must-have on your Hawaii travel packing list is a quick-dry towel, not a normal one.

Shoes: Hawaii Travel Packing List:

Avoid packing heavy leather shoes for such a trip. You need to buy a pair of water or hiking shoes for the adventure. Also, take your flip flops with you.

Hydro Flask:

As you would be involved in a lot of hiking and adventure sports, the availability of drinking water around you will be a must. It keeps the water icy-cold and reduces the need to purchase of single-use plastic water bottles. While packing your bags, this should be the first item on your list as far as the tropical heat of Hawaii is concerned.

Waterproof Phone Case / Dry Bag:

As your tour will involve a lot of water sports, swimming, fishing, etc. you should have a waterproof phone case and dry bag too. The waterproof phone case helps to click pictures in and underwater and keeps your phone safe. A dry bag helps to store a number of valuables while protecting them from water.

Power Bank And Worldwide Adapter:

As you will go on searching for exciting destinations and their routes online, a lot of battery of your phone will drain away. Thus, the right quality power bank is a must-have. Similarly, to charge your phone and power bank too, you should possess a worldwide adapter also.

Selfie Stick:

Holidays and trips are the most valuable time of your life. If you wish to cherish the beautiful moments of your journey, a selfie stick should be there in your backpack.

Sunscreen / Bugs and Mosquito Repellent:

Spending a lot of time on the beaches doing a lot of sun-basking, you desperately need to have sunscreen applied on your skin. Carry the brand which suits you along. Also, do not forget to carry a bug and mosquito repellent with you. The weather, palm trees, forests, pools, etc. of the place invites a lot of such hosts to spend time with you.

Travel Wallet / Passport holder:

While enjoying your time outdoors, you do not need to carry your passport or card with you every time. Take a travel wallet to put these things in it and keep it in the safe of your Hotel room. The more precautions you take, the better time you have.

Hawaii Travel Packing List: The Essential Things
Hawaii Travel Packing List: The Essential Things

Hawaii Revealed Guide Book:

A guide book can work wonders on such a trip. It gives you access to maps and the best and most visited places and their details. It gives you a lot of independence to choose your destinations.

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