Best Hawaii Destination Wedding Spots

Hawaii Destination Weddings

To be married in Hawaii is such a dream come true. With its breath-taking spots, it’s no wonder that over 20,00 weddings are being held here every year. You can always have your wedding here and if you do not have ideas where here is the guide. You can find the best Hawaii destination weddings in this list.

Garden Wedding: Na Aina Kai Botanical Garden

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If you love nature, you’re on a budget, but still want a big wedding, Na Aina Kai or “The Garden Isle” is the perfect match for your liking. People will love how you choose a nature-themed wedding.

Not only does it have lovely gardens, but it also has forest, beaches on the ocean, waterfalls, lagoons, and more. It’s like getting married while having an adventure in paradise. Also, gardens already have magnificent decorations created by Mother Nature.

Small Wedding: Surf Song Kauai

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Princeville’s Surf Song is your top pick when you want to achieve an elegant yet intimate wedding. You can invite 10-20 people here, and you all can enjoy the gorgeous ocean views from each room, sandy beach, and an entirely peaceful celebration.

Having an intimate wedding is amazing especially when you want to celebrate it with few people that have been there for you both. Keep it simple and lowkey but you can still focus on your visitors.

Ranch Land Wedding: Puakea Ranch

If you want to celebrate your love uniquely, this might be the best fit for you out of the other Hawaii destination wedding on our list. Why? There are white horses here! It is like a dreamy love story and a fairytale.

In Puakea, you will achieve a historic and ancient vibe as this is filled with lava rock walls, rolling hills, ocean vistas, and other picture-worthy spots. You will surely make your friends jealous with this breathtaking view.

Luxury Wedding: Kona Beach Bungalows

Getting hitched deserves the best of the best! If you are like many of us, you want to celebrate this once-in-a-life experience by being extra. Beaches have awesome views that add so much memorable experience to any occasion.

From lava rock saltwater pools, jacuzzi, a landscaped yard that overlooks the ocean, dramatic view of the sunset to all-night wedding parties and festivities, this wedding destination spot surely deserves your attention.

Exotic Wedding: Kukahiko Estate

While MAUI Estate also has resorts, churches, beaches, and other wedding destinations, the Kuhahiko estate stood out as it offers unusual but stunning sceneries. You can also choose an exotic theme to match your view.

You can even choose to exchange vows on a rocky beach or grassy lawn. Plus, this is best for after parties too. Your reception will be a one-of-a-kind experience for your visitors like in the Twilight movie.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and choosing the best spot to have it is not a sin. Where do you want to get married from these Hawaii destination weddings on our list? Start making reservations now.

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